Francisco de la Vega
Guillermo Castillo
Rick Luke
Alvar Vasquez


  1. Dominguez expedition met disaster in Chichen Xoxul
  2. Only known survivor was Alvar Vasquez, who shot himself inside the pyramid
  3. VIvienne used Alvar’s notes to complete ritual which activated the pyramid, sending them through time & space
  4. On Golxumal, the investigators encountered GOLGOROTH, a being of immense power
  5. GOLGOROTH is angry that the Liar from Beyond (aka Thing with a Thousand Mouths) is hiding its true identity and claiming to be Golgoroth
  6. The Maw of the Mouth resides in the Devouring Mountain
  7. GOLGOROTH offered a pact to the investigators. 3 accepted its terms

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