Douglas Henslowe
Edgar Job
John Currothers


  1. Douglas Henslowe resides in Joy Grove Sanitarium, a patient since 1924
  2. Henslowe speaks of following a cult that worshiped “Thing with a thousand mouths”
  3. His group infiltrated cult ritual, shot up the joint, burned down barn
  4. Edgar Job, another patient at Joy Grove, was present at the same incident, as cult member
  5. Job killed Vincent Stack, investigator with Winslow & Henslowe, then fled
  6. Job was introduced to cult by George Ayers, initiated by Ramon Echavarria
  7. Echavarria was trying to summon something that night – “long, weird limbs and no head, lots and lots of mouths”
  8. Box dug up at Henslowe House contains clues leading to Los Angeles

Locations and Leads


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