Montgomery Donovan
Sir Godfrey Welles
Dr. Solazzio


  1. Montgomery Donovan is leader of cult in Valetta. Very private, very wealthy.
  2. According to Trammel, Donovan is increasing yields of Nectar, but Nectar practically unknown by locals.
  3. Donovan owns townhouse, yacht, & warehouse
  4. Townhouse, warehouse guarded. Yacht anchored in shipping lane
  5. Sir Godfrey Welles, last Knight of Malta, shared information he had gathered about the cult and led party through booby-trapped catacombs beneath the city, leading to Donovan’s warehouse. Unfortunately, the way is treacherous.
  6. Montgomery Donovan’s young son is in long-term care at the hospital, suffering from a mysterious illness. He and other patients are being treated with Nectar by Dr. Solazzio.
  7. Donovan was sent to Malta by Trammel to start cult branch.
  8. Sacrificed his wife to increase Nectar production.
  9. Knew about Brooks’ music obsession, thought it was silly
  10. Nectar from different Mouths has different effects.

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