Los Angeles

Abraham Buchwald
Jack Pizner
Olivia Clarendon
Yolanda Spenzel
“Captain” Walker
Samson Trammel


  1. A key in Henslowe’s box led to a safety deposit box containing blackmail materials the Winslow team planned to use against Echevarria and the cult.
  2. After the 1924 incident, leadership of the cult was taken over by Samson Trammel
  3. Job’s cult contact, George Ayers was prof. at UCLA
  4. Ayers disappeared after trek to Ethiopia – raid office files: Itinerary, tomes
  5. Cult is selling Nectar, drug causes sexual disinhibition and general depravity
  6. Drug operation overseen by “Captain” Walker
  7. Trammel’s house – large mouth in basement, worshippers, Nectar production
  8. Raided Trammel’s library – Testament of the Dripping Mouthes’ Emanates, tomes, painting
  9. Cult operations in Mexico City (JB), Valletta, Malta, and Bangkok, Siam (SS).

Locations and Leads

Los Angeles

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