Mexico City

Elena Alcatruz
Kirill Konovalov
Jonathan Brooks
Leticia de la Luz
Victor Cortez
Javier Luna


  1. Trammel sent Jonathan Brooks to Mexico City to head up branch of cult there.
  2. Nectar distribution is not as problematic as in LA
  3. Brooks is producing record for his fiancee, Leticia de la Luz
  4. De la Luz recordings have strange hypnotic effect on listeners
  5. Brooks is trying to erase evidence of his work, burned down record company, trying to kill studio owner, Victor Cortez
  6. Brooks’ thugs attempted to kill musician Javier Luna
  7. Underground recording studio/bunker contains Mouth, recording equipment, hidden de la Luz
  8. Investigators negotiate with Brooks’ drug dealer Konovolov, kill Brooks, Mouth, de la Luz with dynamite.
  9. Brooks believed he knew true identity of The Thing With A Thousand Mouths (aka Liar from Beyond), called it “Black Man” or “Nyarlathotep”
  10. Brooks sent Sancho Dominguez on expedition to Yucatan peninsula to explore Chichen Xoxul

Locations and Leads

Mexico City

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