Vivienne Wraith

Socialite and occult investigator


Vivienne is a slender, athletic woman of middle hight with dark hair and large, expressive dark eyes. She loves clothes and is seldom wearing anything that’s not colorful, expensive, and exquisitely tailored. She can be extremely pleasant and cultivates a careless attitude, but those who know her well find that she has nerves of steel and a penchant for getting into and out of trouble with equal aplomb. And she always looks fabulous doing it, darling.


Vivienne Wraith is heir to the Wraith Imports shipping business, which her father built up from nothing and which is weathering the depression surprisingly well. Her father and older brother both died under mysterious circumstances, leaving her with an aunt Agatha as sole surviving relative. A seeming bon vivant whose antics regularly make the headlines of the social section, Vivienne has a darker and more serious side as an expert on the occult. She has travelled all over the world speaking with and studying under yogis, mystics, and fakirs…when she’s not racing fast cars, flying airplanes, or practicing acrobatics.

Vivienne Wraith

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