Edgar Job

The Summoner


Gaunt, with hollow eyes and cheeks. Chain smoker. Short stubbly hair over head and chin. When he thinks, he taps and scrapes his finger across the table in a semi-rhythmic fashion.


Was a member of the cult Winston was investigating in 1924. Tells you the cult’s leader was a man called Echevarria. Echevarria had a large library of occult books and hosted drug-fueled orgies for his followers. He promised Job power for his help in summoning a creature called “Gol-Goroth” or the “Fisher From Outside.” During the ritual in 1924 that was interrupted by Winston’s group, Job witnessed Echevarria’s death by gunshot blast and stabbed the shooter, then fled. Due to his “delusions” he’s been sentenced to a lifetime in the asylum.

Edgar Job

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