Trail of Cthulhu: Boundless Deceptions

From the Notes of J. Murphy, Lt. (Ret.), BPD

[the first several pages of notes are missing from Murphy’s casebook, with no indication why. They resume after a trip to the Joy Grove Sanitarium.]

• JG Doc is an ass. Don’t trust him. But easy to piss off.
• pm visit to Henslow house. Corner of No&Where
• 23 old hope rd. Old plantation house. They really knew how to build back then.
• Carruthers-gardener. Geezer, 3 big dogs.
• Old lady henslow: upstairs.
• House looks like shit up close. Cramped inside. Disappointing.
• Searched Henslow study. On desk: ink, twine ball, brush, muddy flashlight. Dirtcaked shovel against the wall. Bastard probably buried the damn thing somewhere.
• Twine has spaced knots, inkstains. Walking paces. What is this, a damn pirate radio show?
• V found photo in book of nonsense. Cryptic notes on the back. Names and numbers. Probably paces. Directions?
• 2-Grant / 3- John & Mary / 4-Zachariah & Millicent / 5 –back to one
• Graveyard. Names match. Wound the twine out, got a square, and knots on the twine lined up to an X. Stupid radio stories. Started digging. Started raining. Damn kids can’t hide shit inside.
• Found box. Inside: weird stone. Diary. Key. Last note to Winston.
• Diary & note full of fairytale garbage. Cults and demons. Jabbering about mouths.
• Sure got V good and scared tho. Serves her right for her driving.
• Weirdos in LA. Safe deposit box in California with ‘materials’.
• Back to town.
• E. and V. spotted car following us. Godawful kids these days and their driving.
• All go back to the fancy hotel. The dames felt twitchy, what with the following.
• Late—men watching the hotel. Bad feeling about this.

_Seems clear old man Winston and this Henslow loon were caught up in some sort of weirdo religious thing. Or busy trying to stop it. V. says its full of crazy. Demons and mouths and such. Maybe genuine crazies they were trying to stop. Maybe they read too many fairy tales.

Thinking that Henslow (Winston too) got broke by their big fight in the barn. Went bonkers, but left some shit behind. People watching us might be part of the original gang of crazies, or new group._

[the following day]
• Slept on floor. Old knees. Old back. Too old for this shit.
• To hall of records, see if Kullman’s a local, or other dirt on Winston’s crew.
• See if we’re being followed/if folk are after the shit we found—V made a fuss leaving one box at the safe, hid another.
• Hall of records. Little shit of a clerk no help
• Henslow estate in family for ages. Moss Island peninsula. Used to be big old estate, now just Henslow and his ma Virginia.
• Nothing on kullman

• Meanwhile, V went outside all flashy and caught some trouble.
• Snuck out the back, goons waiting for us jabbering in some weird lingo. All gurgles.
• Got out from that – V is good at sneaking for such a flash dame.
• Cab to airport. Hotel is packing our stuff, bringing it over. Nobody followed ‘em

[next day]
Air travel is terrible. At least on the train you can get up, walk away when jabbering drives you mad. If I’d known how tiresome this would be…but I took the job. JWR is scared, and something ugly is going on. Damn weirdos. I’m supposed to be retired.

[next day]
• LA: airport pretty fancy. Great buildings. Everything else terrible. V loves it. Of course.
• Hotel room, south edge of town, near long beach.

[next day]
• Looking for First Bank of Long Beach
• Clearly folded in the crash.
• V talks up a bum who spins a sob story about being the bank mgr. Talks about the crash. FDIC took over the bank’s books. Physical assets got grabbed by FDIC. Jim something.
FDIC offices in CA federal building in downtown LA
• V waves her soft rich hands, finds out the deposit box is back in Long Beach
• Back there. Got the box. (another damn box)
• About a dozen photographs and ledger book (another damn diary)
• Photographs OBSCENE. Worse. No wonder Winston’s crew wanted to stop them. Maybe they_ were_ a cult of crazies.
• One guy in the photos was Richard Spend, died in 24. B-list actor. I remember they said he died in some sudden scandal. Probably the barn instead.
• All the gross photos but 2 from the same mansion. Looks Latin –y.

[next day]
• Me-County/City records. E-puzzling out the ledger. V-an idle nuisance.
• News clippings on Spend: disagree on events. Proper paper: died in sleep.
• Tabloid: “stabbed during a masquerade” “farm in the north country” corpses in robes and masks. Mentions Olivia Clarendon.
• obit for Ecchevaria—a philanthropist and weirdo
• Yolanda Spend-sister- only relation
• more muckraker clippings: describing Eccevaria’s parties; Spend a fixture, couple of other minor actors. Another mention of Olivia Clarendon.
• Olivia has had lot of success since. Suspicious.

• V chasing more of her occult nonsense. Crazies seemed to think they were doing Symbolic shit.


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